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Consultation - Screenplay - Directing - Dramaturghy - Shooting - Editing - Lighting - Animation - Infographics - Special effects

Music - Narration - Locations - Actors - Technical Equipment - Creative solutions




Mirec Film


To achive to real feature film effect we make our films in CINEMATIC style, may it be a commercial, music video or a wedding video.

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When making our films we taking many factors into consideration, and by coordinationg all of them in the appropriate way we get the authentic feature film experience.



After listening to our client’s needs we articulate the screenpay of the film..

Equipment and Shooting


On the set of the shooting we use high level digital cameras to achieve the perfect feature film experience, accompanied  by the best camera moving and stabilizing equipment.


Past production


When working on post production we use the latest professional softwares, this way we can create the best auio-visual experience for or clients.

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High Quality

 Services by  MIREC FILM

Style - Commerical - Layout

Solutions for every occasion



A good commercial sells, promises something, it speaks to the consumer, effects emotions, it differentiates, it has news value, it draws attention, it is simple and funny, but not ordinary.



That is our specialty, making commarcials. We offer on of a kind, sytlish solutions for our clients to represent thier companies.



Mirec fils makes this happen.

We create fims without any limitations, we have the solution for everything.

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Consultation - Screenplay - Directing - Dramaturghy - Shooting - Editing - Lighting - Animation - Infographics - Special effects -

Music-Narration - Locations - Actors - Technical Equipment - Creative solutions




Reality in customized perspective



A riport is a short film, which can stand on its’ own, or you can strengthen your commercial. You can have the opportunity to introduce your company, your goals and services.



A riport can be a suitable advertizing tool, by highlighting important details, and can formulate the face of your brand, and enlarge the trust towards your company.

Stylish locations - Greenbox - Directing - Shooting - Editing - Lighting - Music - Rode soundsystem - Stylist - Hair - Make-up - Creative solutions and Consultation

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RIPORTS and Documentaires

The Big Day...


In addition to our main profile we make wedding videos too, because on these occasions we can be a part of a couples, a familys big day, which is the biggest day in their life. By making the perfect wedding video we can give them something for the ages, something that preserves the happiest memories of their life.


After personal consultation with the couple we write the screenplay for the day. We accompany the couple throughout the whole day, we work with multiple cameramen and we stay out of site in order to capture every important moment of the day.


The final outcome will be a dynamic but intimate cinematic video, filled with happy moments from the begining of the day untill the last guest left in the morning.

Creative solutions - Dramaturghy - Directing - Multiple cameramen - Shooting - Aerial shooting - Editing - Lighting - Copyright music - Cinematic - Wonderful experience


 The Movie...

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Songs, Tracks, Genres



The most effective way to promote a song is a music video. We produce high quality video to represent your music.


We can meet all your expectations, may it be simplicity or a complex visual background, we can create it with visual and digital effects, or animations.


When it comes to locations, we can offer a studio or we find you the perfect spot for you to shoot the music video.

Dramaturghy - Directing - Shooting - editing - Visual effects - Peculiare locations - Client friendly budget - Studio - Figurant - Creative solutions


We create the perfect visual background for your music

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Events, that were made to be filmed



We shoot from multiple angles, creating a detailed,

 dynamic capture with the essence of the event.






Concert -Theatre - Aftermovie - Party - Festival - Conference - Exhibition - Performance - Company event - Fashion - Product introduction - Expo - Show-Sport



We film it all


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Shapes and colors that come alive



A really good film can’t lack a good logo, which we can make with 2d/3D animation.


We can re-animate your existing logo, refresh it with new animations and in the same time keeping the original features.


An animated logo  can attract attention and give emphasis to the most important details, scenes.


We create the concept together with our customer, which can reflect personality, professionalism, elegance or any other characteristic oru client desires.


Animated logos accompanied with music can stand on their own but ater can be enbeded in a film too.

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+animation, commerical


Dinamics - Style - Unique presentation



We can create your commercial or  presentation or any other themed video from live action scenes, digital components and animations, or all three combined.


To make the film more colorful we use infographies, or we can present your products or the process of production with animations.


Thanks to the animations the film becomes dynamic, and your audience gets a clear and variated first look on what you are offering.


With the help of animation we can re-articulate your already existing pictures or recordings, and can also spice it up with music and narration.


We aim to represent our customers and their products with style and without limitations.

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SPECIAL effects




When a film is being made countless visual ideas come to mind, which can be achieved by speciel sound and visual effects. These effects can be made digitally, or can be shot by professionals or the combination of the two.



In the case of special effects audio is very important too. The suitable music, narration,and sound effects are the basic elements of a commercial, a music video or documentary.



In addition to the visuals we put great emphasis on camerawork too. On our shoots we use special cameras and moving devices, which enable us to to shoot the scenes without any trepidation.



The goal is the same in every case: to show something spectacular and new, and thus draw the attention of the audience to the screen. We have to let our imagination free to make ideas that seem impossible come to life.



We aim to give our customers the best of quality. In order to do that  we work with experienced cameramen, music producers and experts in graphics and animation. A  special effect is only as good as the music which accompanies it, and the timing that ties them together, creating the perfect experience.

+STOCK services

If speed, cost effectiveness and quality is equally important to your business


Mirecfilm has partnerships to companies which provide stock videos and scenes . They provide customers such as Travel Chanel, National Geography, ABC , NBC and Music Channel. These stock services encompass millions of pre-produced, licensed animations and films in every genre possible.

Films created from these stock scenes are spectacular , since they use scenes that were shot all around the world. Market leading agvertising companies use these techniques too. Technically these films are made like every other, but since no additional shooting is necessary, they can be completed even ona very short deadline.



We take great consideration in selecting the most suitable scenes for our customers, so that the end product enbodies the image of our customers company, and the goals of the film. To ensure that, we write the screenplay and make the production plans in close contact with our customer. In order to further personalize the product, we accopmany the footage with audio, narration and animation.



Commercials made of stock videos can be used on multiple platforms, may it be social media, TV spots or educational usage.





Mirec Film was founded by experienced fimmakers. They otained their experience while working for international and market leading filmmaking comapnies.



Our main profile is making commercial videos and planning filmmaking solutions, writing screenplays and execution. We take great pride in delivering our customers every idea to the screen, never missing a deadline.



Whenever we deliver we always keep in  mind our customers wishes and needs. We execute with excellence, cost effectiveness to ensure that You can bring out the best from your company.



We aim to establishe long term working relationships, when we produce solutions for campaigns, we keep in mind our customers business plans on the long run too.



We keep our working methods, equipments and visions up-to-date, we are open to new techniques and points of views and the latest trends.

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